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This is about Book 1 of the fanfic. For the entire series, go Here

Book 1 Cover Art


Chapter 0: The Legend

Things were going chaotic in the land of Opour, and villigers were beginning to evacuate. However, inside the legendary Derp Temple, 2 people were still in there. "Who cares about the freaking legend?! We're all going to die if we don't go now!" The Leader's Deputy screamed at the leader. "Silent, Deputy". The Leader said. "WE'RE GOING TO DIE! WE NEED TO LEAVE NOW!" The Deputy said once again. The Leader ignored and continued to work on the legend. " I belive a Irken will save us." The Leader said. "I DON'T GIVE A CRAP! WE NEED TO LEAVE NOW!" Deputy screamed once again. However, the temple collapsed, killing the two.

Chapter 1: Onwards, to Mt. HerpaDerp!

Bagel and his friends, Invader Rob, Kirby, SSK, Theweb, MattBoo, Homestar, Pac-man 64, Chrome and Hagel were preparing to go on a expidition to the top of Mt. HerpaDerp. But first, Rob needed to get supplies. "Hmm...where am I going to find supplies at this hour!" He sighed. At the exit out of town, Bagel and the others were paitently waiting. "Hmm...I wonder where Rob is. It's been an hour!" MattBoo said. Rob then arrived near the gang. "Sorry, all of the stores are closed." Invader Rob explained. "Well you could just borrow mine for now. Now, TO MT. HERPADERP!" Bagel proclaimed, and the gang headed to Mt HerpaDerp....which will take a while.

AT King Jerk's castle, something was going awry. "No! Stop, DepaStump!" King Jerk yelled. The strange creature called "DerpaStump" did not listen, and continued to destroy the castle, holding LT Fan in his gigantic hand. "JUST KILL THIS THING!" LT Fan screamed. King Jerk looked in shock. "But this thing will kill Bagel!" He explained. "Well, right now it's killing ME!" LT Fan screamed again. King Jerk looked at LT Fan. "Fine...but no more pillow pets for you!" He said. He then shot a tranquilizer dart at DerpaStump, and DerpaStump feel asleep. King Jerk then dumped DerpaStump in the lake. King Jerk sighed. "He was supposed to kill Bagel...."

The gang were continuing to walk, and walk, and walk..until...they saw something mysterious. "Hmm...welcome to Mt. HerpaDerp!" MattBoo said. "But doesn't take 3 days to get to Mt. HerpaDerp" Chrome asked. Hagel then saw something strange in the shadows. "Ahh! BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA!" He screamed. All of a sudden, the gang smelt a strange gas....and they started to get sleepy. "EEEE..." Rob said. They all then fell asleep.

Chapter 2: Suprising Encounters

All of the sudden, Rob woke up. He realize he was in a big house, too big. "What the?" Rob said in a confuzed state. "Oh No, I shrunk!" Rob relized. Then, a giant girl came in the back wall of the room. "Wait, I didn't srink, I'm in a doll house!" Rob screamed. Rob tried to run, but the giant girl catpured him. "LET ME GO!" Rob shrieked. The girl giggled. "Dress up time!" She said. "Wait, WHAT!?!? NOOOO!!!!" Rob snatched out his Pak and shot the grl in the eye witha lazor. "MOMMY!, MY NEW DOLL IS BEING MEAN!!!" Thegirl went crying out the room and dropped Rob on the floor. "Rob, help!" A voice that sounded like Bagel's. "Where are you Bagel?!" I screamed. "Ugh, up here, please don't laugh..." he said. "Why?" Rob looked behind him up the doll house. "OMG! HAHAHAHAH!!!" Rob laughed as hard as he could. Bagel then stared at Rob, and made a weird face that looked like King Jerk. Chrome then appeared. "THIS IS A DREAMMMM!!!" He said.

All of a sudden, Rob started to wake up realizing it was a dream. He then heard a familair voice: "Wake up!" the voice said. When Rob was fully awake, he saw two familiar faces: Y-Guy and Mango. Rob then got up. "Where's the others?!" He yelled. He then looked around the room, and saw the rest of the gang sleeping. "We were taking a walk when we found you guys sleeping on the ground" Mango said. Y-Guy looked at the sleeping gang "They should be awake soon. For now, just go watch some TV" He said. "So, when are we arriving the Moutain?" Y-Guy asked. "Hey!, I wanted to say that!" Mango angrily got mad at Y-Guy. Rob looked at Y-Guy with a confused look. "Wait, you wanna come with us on a dangerous and lethal expidition?" Rob asked. Y-Guy looked at Rob "DUH! We do it everyday!" Y-Guy replied. Random SIR came up from behind them "I WANT TO JOINNNNNN" He said. Rob then looked at Random SIR with a irritated face. "Fine, you can come." He said. Hagel then woke up. "Ahh...Booga Hooga Booga?" He asked. Rob looked at the top of DerpaDerp. "There!, There is where my destiny will begin..." Rob said in an odd voice. "Rob, are you okay?" Bagel asked. "Eh, what?" Rob snapped out of his stare. Bagel looked at Rob in a weird look "The hell was that about?" He asked. "HEY! Language! Also, I don't know what that was about." Rob said. "And why the hell is the ground shaking?" Rob asked. "EARTHQUAKE!!!!" MattBoo screamed.

Chapter 3: The Death of Chrome

The ground continued to shake. "Wait, where the duck are we?" Theweb asked. "In an abandon log cabin on the WAY bottom of Mt. HerpaDerp. In other news, HANG ON TO SOMETHING TIGHT!" Mango yelled. The cabin started to shake, and big bolders smashed into the log cabin. Chrome tries to walk in front of the cabin. "Guys, run, I'll hold these bolders of-" Chrome was about to finish when he was hit by one bolder and milg blood stain hit the floor.

5 minutes later, the disaster stop. "Chrome, NO! PLEASE BE OK!" Rob screamed. He shearched for him, but no sign of him except some blood stains on the floor."Chrome, why did you leave us?!" Y-Guy started to cry. "Ah...BOOGA!!!!!!" Hagel cried. Bagel sighed "What do we do now?" He said. "There's only one thing we can do," said Web "We must keep going. Chrome would've wanted it". "Your'e right." said Rob "Let keep going. For Chrome." as he continued on his journey. As they continued thier journey on the moutain, Rob had a vision of the future. "You'll never kill us Power Jerk" Rob transformed into a yellow field and antentas, and blue eyes. "YOU'LL NEVER KILL ME FR-" Power Jerk hit Rob in the face and he went sliding town to town in a huge explosion, then the vision stop.

Bagel then slapped Rob in the face. "Snap out of it, buddy! You're acting all wacko!" Bagel said. "I-I keeps getting these strange visions....I need to lay down" He said. When Rob sat down, he actived a trap and went flying down into a dark pit.

Chapter 4: HIFL

Rob woke up in the small pit, and saw some tall figures. It was the Almighty Tallest. They were dead. "The Tallest, ARE DEAD, WHAT HAPPENED?!!" Rob was confused. "Beware of the Power Jerk, BEWARE!!!" Tallest Purple said, and they faded in the dark.

Rob woke up. "Wha?" Rob asked. "Good morning Rob, were almost there." Bagel said. "Where's Chrome?" I asked. "Don't you remember, he died." he replied. "What happened?" I asked. "You fainted after you sat down, you need some rest." Rob then stood up. "Well, let's continue to Mt. HerpaDerp" Rob said. They then heard a scream. It was coming from SuperSaiyanKirby. The team run over to SuperSaiyanKirby. "What's wrong Kirby?" Rob asked. "My Super Saiyan powers!, There gone!" He yelled. "Tha's great, now you can be normal and SuperSaiyan." Pac-man said. "NO!, YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND, THERE GONE GONE!!! FOREVER!!!" He screamed. The gang looked in shock. "So, you can't change back anytime?" Kirby asked. "NO!" SuperSaiyanKirby screamed. "Seesh, pretty weird things are going on. Rob's actin' strange, SSK lost his powers, what's next?" Bagel asked. After a few minutes, the team finally made it. "We made it!" Y-Guy said, but then he got hit by a rock by Mango. "MANGO!!!!" The gang screamed. "Guy, Lo-" Web was up by the center of Mt.HerpaDerp, when he was struck by lighting. "THEWEB! NO!" The gang looked in shocked. Web fell near them. "" Before Web could finish his line, he died in Rob's arms. "No! This can't be happening! Live, dammit, live!" Rob screamed.

Rob uncontrollably turned into a Super Saiyan. The gang looked at Rob in shock. "ROB! CONTROL YOURSELF!" Y-Guy yelled. However, they did not notice Mango barley escaping the rock, with blood overed in him. He then got knocked out. "ROB! STOP!" Bagel yelled. "UGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH" Rob screamed out as loud as he could. "Master!" Random SIR went flying in a pile of rocks. A big explosion happened, causing the gang to get seriously hurt. Rob stopped and his Super Sayain form went off, he went plumeting to the ground.

Chapter 5: Rediem

Rob was falling off Mt. HerpaDerp, and noticed Bagel next to him. He was seriously injured. "Bagel..?" Rob said. Bagel climbed his way to Rob. "Bagel...I'm sorry..." Bagel looked at Rob. "It....It's okay. L-listen...I know someone who can help us heal". Bagel told Rob. "Who?" Rob asked. "A friend of Y-Guy's. Professor Zing-Whatt. Plus, maybe she can help you with your hallucinations." Bagel said. "Okay, I'll come back, please stay alive, Rob weakly stood up and flew off the Mountain with his new Sayain powers. "Did I steal SuperSaiyanKirby's powers?" Rob wondered. While flying, Rob noticed something in the distance. It was Y-Guy and Mango's other friends, Hearty, Gum, and Cool Dude. He saw them in the sky on this strange floating bike-shaped-thing. "How long is it going to take?" Gum asked. "Soon enough." Hearty said. "Hey, I need help!" Rob called to them. "Hey, it's Rob! Long time no see! Hey, how are ya flying?" Cool Dude asked. "I don't know. But listen! I accidentaly injured most of my friends, including Y-Guy and Mango. Could you tell me where Professor Zing-Whatt's lab is? I need a healing machine from her." Rob explained. Hearty then flew up to Rob. "How are YOU flying" Rob asked. "Hoverboots. Listen, here's the map to Zing-Whatt's lab. In fact, can we join you on your adventure?" Hearty asked. "Sure." Rob said.

Rob, Hearty, Gum, and Cool Dude arrived at Professor Zing-Whatt's lab, only to discover she have turned evil. "WHAT THE!?!" Gum was confused. "YOU SHALL FACE MY RATH!" Evil Zing-Whatt yelled. "I don't think so!" Rob turned into a Super Saiyan with gaining controll. "YES! I'm getting the hang of this!" Rob explained. The gang was shocked. "WHAAAA????" Gum asked. "He's a wizard!" Cool Dude said. Rob then started to attack Evil Zing-Whatt. "Wait, stop! She's become corrupted by a demon! If you hurt evil Zing-Whatt, you'll also hurt Good Zing-Whatt as well!" Hearty explained. "Crap! What do I do then?" Rob asked. "I don't know!" Hearty said. Evil Aing-Whatt punched Rob and threw him threw thw lab, blowing up a wall. "Ugh, that hurted." Rob got up and started attacking again, but he was no match, Evil Zing-Whatt punches Rob dozens of times and finaly blew him down with a lazorblorg. "Ouch, the pain..." Rob said. He then noticed Gum with this strange looking machine. He turned it on, and a demon came out of Zing-Whatt, and got sucked into the machine. "Owh...That's the last time I visit Demontopolis to find spare parts" She said. "Oh, hi guys!". Rob looked at Zing-Whatt. "No time to explain, do you have a healing machine?" Rob asked. "I did....BUT THE LAB IS DESTROIED!" She yelled. "I can handle it, give it" Rob said.

Chapter 6: A Fight With Death

Rob took the machine with him and make his way back to the mountain, only to find they were gone. "Rob, help!" Rob heard Bagel. It was coming from the top of the mountain. Rob flew up to the top and found something horrifing. "Hello, and bye..." It said, blasting Rob away with an engery blast and sent him flying the the groung. "UGH!" He yowled in pain. "What the?" Rob was attacked againby the person. Rob flew up the mountain again, and saw everyone dead...except for Bagel and Kirby. "Come on!" Rob said. Bagel and Kirby got off the mountain. "WHAT HAPPENED?"" I asked them, only getting attacked by the figure again. "It seems you don't remember me, POWER JERK!!!!" He said in laughter. Rob gasped. "YOU! KING JERK!, HOW COULD YOU kILL MY FRIENDS, YOU, YOU MONSTER!!! I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR THAT!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!" Rob angrily turned into a Super Saiyan and used a giant lazor blast on Power Jerk. King Jerk was able to avoid them. "Bagel, Kirby Ru-" New King jerk used a lazor blaster and nearly killed Kirby. "" Kirby was nearly alive. "Bagel, get Kirby out of here, I'll deal with this Jerk!". Bagel grabbed Kirby and ran off. Power Jerk then teleported Rob to this very, very cold place. "Are we in Antarctica?" Rob asked. "Close...MY ICE LAIR" Power Jerk said. As the two continued to battle, Rob heard something. He quickly distracted Power Jerk and went into this cooler room, with the REAL King jerk in it. "ARGH! I can't belive my own creation rebeled against me!" He shouted. Rob used a big bang attack on Power Jerk, but he still survived. "Dang..." Rob said.

Chapter 7: Web Escapes Hell's Clutches

I knew I was never a nice kid. I swore, drank, and was mean to people sometimes, but Hell? That seemed like a bit much. I was soon staring into the eyes of Satan himself. "So, I've been sent to hell, haven't I?" I asked. "Yes. You're damned to the pit of flames of all eternity." he said. "Shouldn't I be able to play a game for my soul or something?" TBA

Chapter 8: Nega-Bagel

As the two were battling, Bagel and Kirby came in. "ROB! I FOUND A BEAN BURRITO!" Kirby squealed with joy as he ate his burrito. "Rob, we got to get back to town!" Bagel said. TBA

Chapter 15: Rebirth (Last Chapter)


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