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Here, you can create a new page and also upload a new picture. If you would like to share your ideas or suggestions with the community, you can create a blog post. Also, please read our policy before you contribute. DISCLAIMER: We do not claim rights over any trademarked franchises. All trademarked franchises are copyright (c) their original owners. Keep in mind that you need to be thirteen or older to have a Wikia account.

If you need any help or questions about admin authoritah, please contact our admins.

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CO New York Billboard 2015

A billboard promo for Commanding Officers, drawn by Destroyer.
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Nickelodeon Fanonverse
Over the years, original content (articles not about a Nickelodeon franchise) has become increasingly accepted here. Consequently, the Nickelodeon Fanonverse was formed to congregate some of our most popular original content, and we encourage you to check it out! Please ask an admin such as Bagel, Chaos, or Derpy to request your article to be adopted into the Nickelodeon Fanonverse.
The Nickelodeon Fanon Wiki tolerates original articles with moderate, extraneous content (such as crossover characters). However, too much of this type of content will be considered irrelevant and deleted. We currently have a major irrelevant content issue. If you spot an irrelevant article, either message an admin or denote the article for deletion. Irrelevant articles will be deleted once spotted and we ask you to please not create them. An irrelevant article is an article that doesn't feature original content or features content not related to Nickelodeon, such as Cartoon Network, Angry Birds, etc.
"Hey, I'm Frederick. Uhh, where to start? Oh, yeah. I work at Papa Squeegee. I want to be a comedian, and sometimes I crack jokes to people who visit this dump... but my boss says not to get "chummy with the customers". Screw him... wait, what was I paid to say again? Oh yeah. Follow the rules... is that my line?"
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