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Battlefield Nickelodeon is a first person shooter inported from the Nicktoons Fanon Wiki. It is rated T by the ESRB and aso be one of the darkist Nicktoon game ever.

Single Player Plot

In 2000, Dan, who is new in the cartoon department of Nickelodeon, is offered a drive to the studio. He accepts the offer, and discusses ideas with his fellow partners. But a truck rams into the backseat of the car, all survived with a few wounds, except Dan. Twenty years later, he is revived by Jimmy Neutron with Spongebob standing beside him. Dan learns that a war was started in 2018 by Plankton and his new mercenaries that are slowly taking over the world. He is given training with his new body that is said to master any weapon in his hands. He passes the test of his skills and is sent to help Rocko and US forces in a fire fight, which is stopped. He later participates in the five-day long Operation Seastorm with Sponebob, Patrick, Tommy Pickles, and a purple Perch named Jack Fish. The first day starts with the Nicktoons Alliance telling the people of Bikini Bottom about their leader (Plankton) will betray them. They don't listen, and send the police after them, but the T.U.F.F. Mobile used to go under water, has a M2 .50 Cal and a Mk19 automatic grenade launcher. They fight off the police by blowing up a bridge and drive to a warehouse full of guns. But it's a trap set by the Bikini Bottom SAWT Team. After a furious shoot-out, they escape into the Kelp Forests to rest for day two. The next day, the team moves up into the hills with mouted M60E4s and Jack Fish has the sniper he's allways been. They wait for a hour for the Bikini Bottom Marines, when the army came close, the couter attack began!

Co-Op Mode Plot

Sometime during Single Player, Jimmy Neutron revives two people named Nick and Rick. Their first assignment is to raid a weapons warahouse gaurded by Plankton's mercenaries. They do well, makeing a small turning point to the war.


Unlike it's drak single player plot, mulitplayer will have a series made out of it's trailers with comedy. The shorts are non-canon.

Game Modes

  • Team Deathmatch- The team that gets 50 kills wins.


  • Kelp Forests
  • Congo
  • Bikini Bottom
  • Hillwood
  • Nickelodeon Studios


Assult Rifles




Sniper Rifles



  • Mounted on Assult Rifles (Cannot be used on the Mark 14.)
    • M320 (Half of the rifles.)
    • GP-30 (AK-47)
    • M203 (AUG A3)
  • RPG-7USA
  • M2CG
  • M32 Hammer
  • Javelin
  • M202A1 (Single Player Only.)


  • Claymore
  • SOG Knife
  • M67 Frag
  • Flashbang
  • Riot shield (The one that says SAWT on them are found only in Single Player.)
  • Nght Vision Goggles
  • Sea Urchin Repealantt (Single Player Only.)

Weapon Attachments

Assult Rifles

  • Red Dot Sight
    • Kobra (AK-47 Only.)
  • ACOG
    • PK-AV
  • Holographic Sight
  • Taped Magazines
  • Suppressor
  • Grip (Can not be used on the AUG A3 AUG A1, AUG M203, and the AK-47.)
  • Extended Magazines


  • Rapied Fire Mod
  • Red Dot Sight (Some Weapons.)
    • Kobra (AKS-74U)
  • Holographic Sight (Some Weapons.)
  • Grip (Some Weapons.)
  • Taped Magazines (Some Weapons.)
  • Suppressor
  • Extended Magazines (Some Weapons)

Sniper Rifles

  • Variable Zoom Scope
  • Suppressor (If a weapon doesn't have one.)
  • Taped Magazines (Some Weapons.)
  • Bipod (If a waepon dosn't have one.)
  • Extended Magazines (Some Weapons)



  • M1A2 Abrams (With mounted M2.50 Cal.)
  • M2A2 Bradley (With mounted M134 Minigun)


  • Humvee (With mounted M134 Minigun, Mk19, or TOW Missile.)
  • T.U.F.F. Mobile (Single Player Only.)


  • Harrier
  • AH-64 Apache
  • UH-60 Blackhawk (With mounted M61 Vulcan Cannon or M134 Minigun.)
  • AC-130 UAV (Single Player Only.)
  • Irken Gunship (Single Player Only.)






One Man Army

No Man Army(04:14)

The Tempest (Instrumental)

The Tempest (Instrumental)(07:13)

Mambo Fantastico

Mambo fantastico(01:51)

Furious Angels

Furious Angels(05:32)



No Good

No Good (Start The Dance)(06:18)

Give It All You've Got

Spongebob soundtrack - Give It All You've Got(02:33)


A DLC is planned for multiplayer. It will have four more maps where the Nicktoons battle Cartoon Network.

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