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A Collection of Pointless Adventures 
Genre: Comedy, Action, Adventure and 
Creator: IAmBagel 
Director: KingOfSpriters13 
Developer: IAmBagel 
Starring: Bagel, Wario, Web, David, Rob . 
Theme composer: Trippin' the Pegasus and Fanta 10 
Number of seasons:
Number of episodes: 69 
List of episodes: List of A Collection of Pointless Adventures episodes 
Executive producer: David Cardino, Invaer Rob 
Producer: Sr. Wario and pac-man 64 
Asst. producer: Invader Rob, KingOfSpriters13 
Production Company: Y-Guy Studios 
Runtime: 23 minutes *excluding commercials* 
First aired: October 9, 2018 
Last aired: October 9, 2022 
Preceded by: SuperSaiyanKirby Adventures 
Followed by: A Collection of Pointless Adventures ll: The College Years 
Offical website:

A Collection of Pointless Adventures is a series that revolves around Bagel, Wario, Web, David, and Rob. It is somewhat similar to South Park, but it does not have any gore, blood, etc. There is only mild language, similar to 6teen.


Bored and depressed after SSK Adventures, these six vow to... I dunno. But they like Mike's Hard Lemonade and roller coasters.



Bagel: A 15-year-old bagel, who is very curious and adventurous. He can sometimes be selfish and keeps all of his stuff in a safe. He often has bad luck throughout the series, such as dying and going to Hell, becoming small, etc. In the series finale, he is killed by a giant building falling on him. He is later revived in the sequel series. Voiced by IAmBagel.

Wario: A greedy gamer who is a rival and friend of the others. He is smart and steals from his friends. He can teleport. He is named after the video game character, and his age is unknown. Voiced by Sr.Wario.

Rob: An irken who has lots of technology. He is a bit rude. He has weird luck. Voiced by Invader Rob.

Web: A human/lakitu hybrid teen. He's a heavy drinker. Voiced by KingOfSpriters13.

David: A very hyperactive person. He swears a lot. Voiced by David Cardino.


Random SIR: TBA

Hagel: A bagel who can only say "Booga" and "Hooga".

Homestar: An armless white dude who is not too bright, but not too stupid. He usually interupts Strong Bad during his emails.

Applejoy: A teenage pony who loves shopping and goes to the local high school.

Sr.Waluigi: Wario's brother.

Pac-Man 64: A Pac who can eat. He also owns a restaurant.

Yum-Yum. Pac's girlfriend.

Chadster: Pac-man and Yum-Yum's incredibly intelligent son.

Chrome: A robot who is not really shown that often.

Jelly: A 14-year-old who is somewhat crazy and often unwillingly transforms into a zombie.

Chomp-Chomp: The Pac family dog.

Fluttershy: Web's pony girlfriend. She used to be nice and shy, but now she's an incontinent drunk.

Rainbow Dash: Rob's pony girlfriend who's also very rude. She was rude before this, so she didn't change much.

Bombella: Wario's Bob-omb Girlfriend. She is very short tempered.

Pinkie Pie: Bagel's pony girlfriend. She used to be really happy and joyful, but now is very selfish.

Ashley: A 14 year old witch who comes at random times.

Kitty: David's cat girlfriend who also swears a lot.

Minor Characters

Bigfoot: A gigantic monster that the gang hunts in one episode.

Sheriff Al: A terrible sheriff, who is always drunk while stopping crime.


Feature Film

Main article: A Movie of Pointless Adventures

Once the series became popular, a feature film was produced.

Video Games

A series of Video Games are also being made. Here they are:

A Game of Pointless Adventures


In this show, characters who have appeared in past shows are older.

This is the second Nickelodeon show to show underage drinking. The first was Tiny Toon Adventures. No, seriously, I'm not kidding!

The Elements of Something-or-other are: Selfishness, Theft, Alcoholism, Profanity, and Rudeness. 

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